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Vision Statements

•To be the best company among the participants offering the complete supply chain service with the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness and Integrity.

•To generate a reasonable growth in terms of business volumes and prompts taking into consideration the customer satisfaction levels.
•Commit ourselves to excellence for our customers

and stakeholders through personalised service, continuous improvement of our services and technology.

Our Growth

Our Targets

1.Offering high quality services.
2.Offering personalized service to our customers.
3.Very Competitive rates.
4.Growing volumes.
5.Mombasa – Kampala groupage service.
6.To inspire and motivate our staff.
7.Building strong and committed team work.
8.Well Trained and professional staff.
9.Very close to customers and responsive to their needs.
10.Competes on non-price issues (e.g. quality, service, functionality).

Our History

Grown from being a consolidation and  ransportation company to being a Freight Forwarding company doing clearing and forwarding and Logistics services.
Our ambition is to become a supply chain management support company.

Our Values

  1. Quality.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Accountability.
  4. Innovations.
  5. Reliability.
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